Re: [xsl] Increase Doc-available timeout?

Subject: Re: [xsl] Increase Doc-available timeout?
From: Abel Braaksma <>
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 10:18:41 +0100
Hi Angela,

Perhaps something else is wrong the, because in my experience, doc-available can easily wait a while if the server does not respond immediately. Note that doc-available also returns false if the returned document is not a well-formed XML document. You may try the same test with unparsed-text-available, which does not require that the content be XML. However, it will fail if non-XML allowed characters (i.e., NULL characters) are used in the document you are retrieving.

If you need more control you can create a URIResolver class. But since that is product-specific, you may better ask it on the saxon list.

-- Abel Braaksma

Angela Williams wrote:
Is there a way to increase the timeout length before the doc-available
function returns false? The url I am using is to a servlet that will
return a document when I enter the url in the browser, but it takes a
few seconds to return.  Doc-available is always returning false.

Are there any other options?

Xslt2, Saxon8b

Angela Williams

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