Re: [xsl] Re: Output validation with XSLT 2.0

Subject: Re: [xsl] Re: Output validation with XSLT 2.0
From: XSL-List Owner <xsl-list-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 5 May 2008 08:41:42 -0400
> > > > Just read the relevant W3 Specs and any good XSLT book.
 >  You could reply with that to any question...
  not really, the relevant W3 specs are not meant to be read by users
 of the language but implementors.

While user-friendliness is often not a goal, no such specification forbids anyone from reading it, and users with a grain of curiosity usually do.

Friends --

I hadn't realized quite how acrimonious this discussion had become. CALM DOWN.

Name-calling is unhelpful, and unwelcome on XSL-List. By that I mean that implying that users who don't read specifications don't have "a grain of curiosity" is rude. In my opinion, it is also untrue. There are a lot of users who have no interest in ploughing through specifications, but who become expert on using the specified language and the tools that implement it - because they have been curious about how they work, and have spent considerable time learning that.

If there is substance to this discussion, please continue it without casting aspersions on people who may have different interests and backgrounds to your own. If you cannot discuss people and their varying levels of expertise and interest respectfully, please drop this thread.

Thank you.

-- Tommie
   (who really didn't get out of bed this morning expecting
     to play list-Mommie)


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