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Date: Thu, 22 Oct 1998 10:55:55 PDT

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>i'm very interested, you had it as an SC program? if so what was the 
procedure, load in the program from cassette, then reconnect the SC to 
the audio source? would it be possible to adapt that dazzler program to 
take audio inout from the SC to change: speed, color, direction, etc? 
how big is the dazzler program? i've noticed it comes on cart with other 
programs doesthat mean it is small enough to maybe be combined with a 
couple other graphic toys? i'm just full of questions, i want to get 
this thing to work. 
>Date: 10/22/98 8:54 AM
>To: Timm Carr
>From: Bob Colbert
>At 05:35 PM 10/21/98 +0200, you wrote:
>>Hmm.. if we could use the Supercharger, and maybe some parts of the
>>firmware, to analyze the signal sent to its audio input, then maybe it
>>would be easy to write a sort of 'video music 2600' that doesn't need
>>additional hardware besides the SC itself. Obviously, it would have to 
be a
>>SC program.
>>This would be cool, but is it possible?
>I actually did this once and it worked, but it was very ugly.  It 
didn't do
>anything close to resembling any type of entertainment.  I can try and 
>out the code if anyone is interested.
>				Bob
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i couldnt get this to work, oh by the way go f*ck yourself.

theres a problem with the internal dial up network asshole..

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