Re: [stella] Networkable Atari.

Subject: Re: [stella] Networkable Atari.
From: "Roagie" <gx700@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1999 16:42:34 -0700
This idea is good for two reasons:
1) It would be a fun, and a challenge to those that work on it. After all,
isn't it what matters to you more than everyone else that is most important?
2) The classic gaming community would dig it

BTW, hello... I am new to the list. My name is Roagie. I have been into
classic games for the last five years and am now attending college majoring
in computer science. I hope to get involved with programming the VCS soon.

Nice to meet you all!

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From: Mark De Smet <desmet@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Tuesday, July 06, 1999 3:58 PM
Subject: Re: [stella] Networkable Atari.

> > I think you're _really_ reaching, trying to link Ataris over the
> > here.  There's already networkable PC versions of all those games; heck,
> And there are pc versions of many atari games.  I still play my atari more
> than games on my pc/mac.  Yes, the game would obviously have to be
> something cool that people wanted to play.
> This is not limited to these classic games.  You could do whatever you
> wanted.(that uses limited data transfer; i mean what would you be able to
> send out of a system with only 128 bytes of ram anyway?  The speed could
> be bumped up if lower latency is needed)
> > program.  I doubt anyone would really be interested in going through all
> > these extra steps and extra hardware.
> I am speaking of playability and demand.  Like I said, the hardware is
> pretty trivial(I am willing to produce it), and the PC/Mac software
> is nothing complex(and as I said, I _may_ have someone willing to do it).
> How much demand will there be for a game that requires double?(2 of
> everything; how many people can really setup 2 systems side by side?)  A
> game that requires double would necessitate purchasing 2 copies of the
> game, which (if I recall) are going for, what $16 now?  That would be more
> expensive for a person to get than to get a game and the cable.(and let
> the other player get thier own)  With this, you could play anyone.  A game
> server such as 'boloweb'(I love bolo, best reason to own a mac) could be
> set up, or a email list setup to match people with other players.  For
> those of you who don't konw bolo web, it is a web server setup so that you
> can run your copy of the game, and connect to the game server, and the
> game server puts up on the web a listing for game available, and others
> can read it and join.  I'm sure similar things exist for quake etc(I don't
> know, never played that type of game).  Granted, the player base would not
> be big enough to be able to just start a game, and wait for someone to
> join, but a messageing system could be set up to match people/times.
> If you would prefere to work on a coolness basis, and want to simply know
> that you created something really neat(without regard to the number of
> people who use it, I think being able to say that you put the atari on the
> internet(and created the first multi-atari game) is much cooler than being
> able to say that you created a double atari game.
> > The only real legitimate use I can think of for linking two local Ataris
> > together is to make two-player games where it'd be infeasible to display
> This hardware would also allow that.
> I am talking about very general purpose system.  The same way that the
> TIA's quirkyness made the atari survive through the years(see article
> mentioned recently on the list), this would have that capability.
> So, anyone want to make a networked game?
> Mark
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