Re: [xsl] SVG graphs

Subject: Re: [xsl] SVG graphs
From: Jeni Tennison <mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 18:25:00 +0100
>> Has anyone written an XSL transform to take some data/report schema
>> and create some sort of graph in SVG? More importantly, would you
>> like to share it with me? I'm working on it now and it doesn't seem
>> to be too hard, just a lot of mathmatical calculations, which I'd
>> rather R&D (rob and duplicate) than reinvent.

There's some quite cool stuff written by Doug Tidwell doing this kind
of thing at:

I've just put up some documentation for an SVG utility stylesheet at The point
of the stylesheet isn't about charts, but rather about how to get SVG
images that you create dynamically to load into an HTML page that you
also create dynamically (it's based on some work I did for Xi Advies
bv, and it uses Chris Bayes' domtodom.js).

The crucial insight is that you can call a function in the main HTML
page from within a blank or dummy SVG file. This is the same thing
that Chris' Inline SVG utility does, but his works with SVG defined
inline with the HTML (a much neater approach).

Anyway, the example at does a
couple of SVG charts, but they're not particularly breath-taking as
they weren't the point of the exercise :)


Jeni Tennison

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