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Date: Mon, 26 May 1997 12:32:02 +0200
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Certainly a very simple problem for advanced users!!

I have created one document with a paragraph and a table. Using Rtf backend I
can see my document. Paragraph and table are there.
In my essai.dsl I use a simple page-sequence feature but I think I have to
page-sequence feature in order to insert area and column-set-sequence flow
objects which seems impossible with a simple page sequence feature.My problem
is that I don't know where I need to specify new features. Is it in my .dsl
In the.dsl document I specify the use of the standard "style-sheet.dtd"
because if I change it for the "dsssl.dtd" I receive an error message saying
that my document doesn't have dssslarchitecture as a base architecture.Is it
possible to use the standard style-sheet.dtd when I need a page sequence
feature in my .dsl file.

In fact, in the beginning I have three documents.

essai.dtd which contains the declaration SGML and DTD 
essai.sgm containing the instance
essai.dsl describing the desired format.

Is this really correct?

Thank you for your help

Fabienne CLAVERIE.

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