Re: Cross-referencing

Subject: Re: Cross-referencing
From: James Clark <jjc@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 06 Apr 1997 19:26:44 +0700
At 11:34 02/04/97 EST, lee@xxxxxx wrote:
>> >   text like `on this page', `on the next page', `on the previous page'.
>> There is a mechanism for this sort of thing in DSSSL
>> (general-indirect-sosofo), but obviously it requires that the DSSSL engine
>> and the formatter be quite tightly coupled, and so this mechanism is an
>> optional feature of DSSSL, and is not supported (yet) in Jade.
>Well, another way to do it is if the back-end can do cross references,
>right?  I.e. if you can identify source and target in the Jade output.

That will allow simple cross-references where the page number is presented
simply as a number, and indeed that's how Jade gets page number
cross-references in RTF.  It doesn't allow you to get page number references
of the form "on the next page" or "on the previous page", because

- - the only way to specify such references in DSSSL is by specifying a
function in the DSSSL expression language that takes the current page number
and the referenced page number and returns a sosofo specifying the
presentation of the page number

- - there would have to be some way in the output, in addition to identifying
the target, to say that the reference should be presented as "on the next
page" when the reference is to the next page, and so on.


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