Re: Cross-referencing

Subject: Re: Cross-referencing
From: James Clark <jjc@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 02 Apr 1997 21:39:37 +0700
At 17:24 29/03/97 +0100, Matthias Clasen wrote:

>3) All these questions about cross-referencing made me remember a
>Latex-style called varioref which allows `intelligent pagereferences'
>which print out
>   text like `on this page', `on the next page', `on the previous page'.
>   might even be aware if the reference and the referent are on one
>   or not. 
>   How would one handle things like that in DSSSL ? Is this possible at
>   (since the page-breaks depend on the formatting algorithms which are
>   part of DSSSL) ?

There is a mechanism for this sort of thing in DSSSL
(general-indirect-sosofo), but obviously it requires that the DSSSL engine
and the formatter be quite tightly coupled, and so this mechanism is an
optional feature of DSSSL, and is not supported (yet) in Jade.


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