Re: Cross-referencing

Subject: Re: Cross-referencing
From: lee@xxxxxx <lee@xxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 97 11:34:27 EST
> >   text like `on this page', `on the next page', `on the previous page'.

> There is a mechanism for this sort of thing in DSSSL
> (general-indirect-sosofo), but obviously it requires that the DSSSL engine
> and the formatter be quite tightly coupled, and so this mechanism is an
> optional feature of DSSSL, and is not supported (yet) in Jade.

Well, another way to do it is if the back-end can do cross references,
right?  I.e. if you can identify source and target in the Jade output.

Did anyone get anywhere with a troff back end?  I used cross references
like that in Yuri & Murray's book (SGML on the Web/Beyond HTML) and
it did indeed so happen there was one that said `on this page'....

I had hoped to work on an sqtroff/groff back-end myself, but ended
up swamped with work stuff...


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