New Jade snapshot available

Subject: New Jade snapshot available
From: James Clark <jjc@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 02 Apr 1997 23:10:15 +0700
I've made a new Jade snapshot available at Windows binaries are at  I've only compiled this on
Windows.  If you try compiling this on Unix, please let me know whether it
works, and if not what the problems are.  I'll do a proper 0.6 release when
any compilation problems and any serious bugs have been ironed out.

The front end now suppports math. The RTF backend also supports math to the
extent that this is possible with the EQ field.  It won't be good enough for
heavy-duty math.

The SGML transformation backend supports multiple output files. It also has
an option to generate XML.

The HTML backend is in transition, and I have temporarily undocumented it.
It currently generates a CSS stylesheet along with the HTML backend.
Unfortunately the CSS implementations I've tried are all too buggy for this
to be useful.  Maybe IE4 will be better.  I recommend using the SGML
transformation backend to generate HTML for the moment.

SP now supports DTD-less parsing.  In particular you should now be able to
parse well-formed (but invalid) XML documents.  You must of course use an
appropriate XML declaration (I've included one in the distribution).  Some
XML features that are incompatible with SGML (without the proposed SGML TC)
are not supported, notably hex character references.  Use -wno-valid to turn
off validation.


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