Re: Jade and TeX

Subject: Re: Jade and TeX
From: Paul Prescod <papresco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 1997 06:08:10 -0400
Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> On the other hand, why not, if it works? Can you try it and see?

I won't get a chance until tomorrow, but I will then.
> but consider this, anyway: how is it supposed to work? in the original
> LaTeX you have:
>  \begin {equation}\label{foo}
>  a = b =c
>  \end{equation}
>  ...
>  See equation \ref{foo}
> Left to itself, LaTeX will number this equation, so what will you
> preserve? if you make them unnumbered equations, and expect DSSSL to
> number the thing, what TeX code will you embed? how will hypertext
> output perform the link between the `external' reference, and the
> innards of the TeX quote?

I wouldn't embed this much. I would use DSSSL for links, and TeX for
things I would usually put between $ ... $ and \[   \] in LaTeX. All I
want is funny symbols and equation formatting without rewriting
everything. Actually, I am thinking more of other TeX-heads than myself.
I wouldn't mind rewriting the stuff and writing a DSSSL style sheet as a
learning experience and so that I could extend my DSSSL tutorial. But
for many other people, LaTeX offers a pretty terrible markup language
(in my experience) except for the ease of equations (which is really
TeX). It grieves me to see all of that data stuck in such an arcane
format (okay, full-blown SGML is arcane, but at least well specified!).
I would like to start experimenting with offering Jade as a "drop-in"
replacement to people that I know. But if they can't use TeX commands
then they (or I) must develop a DTD, write a stylesheet, write shortrefs
and then train them!
> what about font families? packages that you need?

Dunno. I'm really not a sophisticated LaTeX user. I just use the
standard classes and I presume I get the standard fonts and packages.
I'm sure that would satisfy most users. For the rest there could be
special flow object commands as there are for RTF and HTML, I guess.
 Paul Prescod

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