Re: SDATA entity mapping in Jade

Subject: Re: SDATA entity mapping in Jade
From: Daniel Speck <dspeck@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 1997 09:16:36 -0400
James Clark wrote:
> At 09:26 14/04/97 -0400, Daniel Speck wrote:
> >
> >So, until Jade supports SDATA entity mapping, how would one go about
> >faking it?
> What exactly do you want to do with SDATA entities?  Jade supports about 900
> of the ISO standard SDATA entity names (including all the WGL4 characters).
> For RTF at least there's not much point in supporting more than this until
> the RTF backend allows configurable mapping from glyph ids to font/character
> codes.
> James

Well, for one, I'd like to write a style specification to go from
Docbook 3.0 to
HTML 3.2 (as a learning exercise for me). Perhaps this isn't a good
application of the DSSSL style transformation. I need a way to say what
should become of, e.g., &trade;, &ldquo;, &rdquo;, &mdash;, &ndash, etc.

Also, if I have my own DTD with its own SDATA entities (which are not a
subset of the standard ISO SDATA entities) I need a way of mapping them
to something reasonable in the output. One of my SDATA entities might
become several output characters.

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