Re: Performance Characteristics

Subject: Re: Performance Characteristics
From: Paul Prescod <papresco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 1997 22:41:01 -0400
David Megginson wrote:
> It depends on how complex the code is.  Many DSSSL style-language
> statements are simply declarative -- I'd imagine that something like
>   (element LABEL
>     (make paragraph
>       font-weight: 'bold
>       (process-children)))
> is already pretty much precompiled by Jade into its component
> information, and you would gain nothing.  More complex stuff (like
> building indices) could gain quite a bit.

Even alot of that is controlled by modes and queries, which means you
spend most of your time in the implementation, not the stylesheet

 Paul Prescod

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