Jade for HTML

Subject: Jade for HTML
From: Taranov Alexander <tay@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 97 11:15 MSD
Paul Prescod writes:
 > Is the Jade SGML transformation engine appropriate for multiple document
 > HTML websites? I know that the HTML transformation engine is currently
 > undocumented, but it worked well for me, and I found it a very powerful
 > and efficient tool. It may well be Jade's "killer app" in the sense that
 > with a powerful library of functions it could make generating large
 > websites easy. I'm not smart enough to figure out how to get the SGML
 > one to do multiple output files and hyperlinks between files. If it
 > isn't possible or easy I will go back to the HTML one.
 >  Paul Prescod

For some time I also used HTML backend of Jade. It's LINK object
is very convinient for cross referencing, but to 
do html markup I had to write func html-markup which is working like

(html-markup 'table 
	attrs: '((border) (width "100%"))
	sosofo2 ...)

>From version 6 (and especially 7 with bugs fixed)
I also doing same things with sgml backend.
In this case a have (make element ... for markup,
external entity for multiple documents (instead of scroll)
but i has to do cross referensing manually by inserting
href attrs.

in my opinion having (make element... 
along with possibility to specify file name
for scroll flow object in html backend would 
cover most demands in html delivering of sgml documents

Alexander Taranov

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