Re: Something to ponder...

Subject: Re: Something to ponder...
From: lee@xxxxxx
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 97 22:19:09 EDT
> But it's not clear (at least, not to me) what this query should
> return:
>   (node-list=? (node-list-no-order nl1) (node-list-no-order nl2))

In our scheme interppreter we have an additional value, #<unspecified>,
that we use for cases where IEEE R4RS doesn't say what should happen in
some specific case, or says explicitly that a particular result is unspeified:
    : sqrex!lee; sqpsi
    > (define (x y) (+ y 6))

As far as I can see, a DSSSL implementation could also do this if it wanted.
I don't have the DSSSL spec in front of me here in New York to investigate
this further.


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