Re: XS: Guidelines for the discussion

Subject: Re: XS: Guidelines for the discussion
From: lex@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Alex Milowski)
Date: Sat, 24 May 1997 13:14:41 -0500 (CDT)
> > We should also think about a XT spec.  DSSSL transformations for XML!
> I'm not so sure about this. The chance of implementation in major
> browsers seems minimal. The transformation language is quite hard to
> understand. Obviously the style language was designed to be highly
> intellectually "scalable" from simple CSS-style stylesheets to complex
> style transformations, which is why I always argue that it is not really
> more difficult (in the simple cases) then CSS-style languages. But the
> transformation language seems quite intellectually sparse. You read the
> 10 pages -- totally understand them, and then set to using it.

Well, the descrition of the transformation language in the ISO
standard is rather terse.  I would love to be able to deliver client
side transformation applications and that is why I brought it up.
I understand that *expecting* a major browser vendor to implement it
is a long shot but *if* we standardize it we have a better chance.  In
addition, in the SGML community, we have an additional way to interchange
SGML applications over the web.

> I agree that we need a larger view of goals and architecture to make
> reasonable decisions. If our target audience is people with the
> commitment of traditional SGML-users, then DSSSL doesn't need to change
> too much. If we want to get many of the CSS users, then it should change
> radically. I think that if we want the Perl/C hackers in between it
> should also change a lot, but I know that that position is
> contraversial.

Yes, we all have our opinions on how to draw in different users.  I think
in general we probably implicitly agree on the goals.

...once I get a chance to *read* the draft I can speak more intelligently
about this.... I could get the PostScript version to work.  It wouldn't 
display in Ghostview.  Where's the SGML version?  ;-)  (I assume that since 
Jon put it together that it is in SGML and he's using Jade.  Am I correct 
on this?)

> How is it easier to "catch up" on a web based group? Since the mailing
> list contributions sit physically on your machine you should be able to
> organize them better. I can: I have filters, folders and flags set up.

Well, news or "hypernews" gives me the ability to follow a thread without
setting up special software on my side.  I don't have filters in my
e-mail program (elm - can I?) and, thus, it is quite difficult to follow
discussions.  I being a stubborn in that I don't want to change my e-mail
client!  ;-)

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