Re: XS: Guidelines for the discussion

Subject: Re: XS: Guidelines for the discussion
From: lee@xxxxxx
Date: Thu, 22 May 97 23:38:43 EDT
Jon, your posting was, as usual, very clear.

> [...] I am going to be guided by the principle that nothing in DSSSL
> that is not in Jade is going to be required by the specification. If
> James can't implement it, there's no point in talking about it.
Well, he can speak for himself, but I think you ought not to preclude
requiring features that James will have implemented but hasn't yet, as,
unfortunately, there is only one James, and a lot of DSSSL!

Apart from tht minor nit, I think looking at Jade is a good way to start.

Finally, people -- please don't cross-post between the various lists,
and please don't include individuals as Cc recipients unless you are not
sure if they're on the list.  Otherwise, it will quickly get too much to
bear... as we know from last year's XML WG list...!


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