Re: XS: needed features?

Subject: Re: XS: needed features?
From: lee@xxxxxx
Date: Fri, 23 May 97 20:33:46 EDT
> On a first read of Jon's XS draft, two things jump out at me: the
> `score' flow object class and the `sideline' flow object class. Both
> of these strike me as being used principally in print media. Does
> `scoring' make sense in your Web browser? Do `change bars' make sense?
> Are they not a mild complication which doesnt buy very much?

Well, SoftQuad Panorama supports change bars today, and at least some
people seem to like the feature :-)  I'll have to read the spec on scoring
before I can comment on that, as I don't have a copy here.

Really, I'd like to apply change bars to spans that are the result of
following links, I think, rather than using markup within the document.

In general, the ability to apply styles to selected regions of a document
seems important to me.  For example, if I add an annotation, perhaps I want
a little picture of a pencil in the margin.  I'd like to mark link ends
(whatever they end up being called -- I still like "airports" best) with
little icons too, perhaps, or underline them or whatever.  In HTML, the
starting point of a link is always marked explicitly with SGML containment,
so that applying a blue underline is easy, but in XML this isn't the case,
and another mechanism will be needed.  Of course, if the style sheets
can't do it, visual browsers will have to have their own way of indicating
linkness.  Note that MSIE now supports HTMLish markup to change the shape of
the mouse pointer when it's within a specific element...


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