Subject: WinHelp
From: Paul Prescod <papresco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 17:57:52 -0400
I was just downloading a WinHelp equivalent of a PDF document and I
wondered: "how far is Jade from being able to support WinHelp?" I know
that the winhelp compiler's input format is RTF, but I also know that
RTF is a family of poorly defined languages. Does anybody know what it
would take?

Microsoft is eventually going to move Windows over to HTML, so it
wouldn't be worth a lot of effort, but in the meantime WinHelp is more
convenient than HTML in many ways. I'm not yet sure how Microsoft
intends to implement WinHelp's features in HTML which does not have rich
enough semantics for some of it.

 Paul Prescod

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