Re: WinHelp

Subject: Re: WinHelp
From: Paul Prescod <papresco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 23:25:23 -0400
To summarize: I think we agree that Winhelp is more convenient for
viewing for some subset of the population, which includes me. The beauty
of SGML, DSSSL and Jade is that once the back-end is written (or
adapted) we don't have to choose. The problem is that James has to do
the up-front work to make it happen, which I would recommend if we are
95% of the way there, but not if WinHelp-RTF is a wildly different
language from "Jade-RTF". I would have *guessed* that WinHelp RTF is a
subset of the RTF that is produced by Jade, but that would be a big leap
of faith based on the logic of the "RTF family"'s organization.

If there is a lot of work involved, we should just wait for WinHelp to
die and HTML to catch up in all areas or be replaced by some XML-based
DTD. On the other hand, "HTML Help" looks like it will be different
enough from HTML to require another backend or new scripts. Sigh.

 Paul Prescod

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