Re: Paragraph breaks

Subject: Re: Paragraph breaks
From: Paul Prescod <papresco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 1997 08:55:12 -0400
James Robertson wrote:
> So in the case of TeX, for example, wouldn't it be easier to use this
> mechanism, instead of trying to generate the index directly?

Yes and no. Yes, it would be easier. No, I'm not yet convinced that an
"index entry" flow object would be quite appropriate. The problem is
that it is at a totally different semantic level than all of the other
flow objects. All of the other flow objects are right at the formatting
level, not at the "what does this do structurally" level.

I think that another level of DSSSL flow objects would be useful:
"section", "list-item", "index entry", "table of contents entry",
"footnote" etc. These flow objects would be easier to create and use and
would work as well in HTML as they do in print. But I think that they
should be developed as a group, rather than individually.

You might think that you could develop them just as procedures, but I
have found that to be *very* difficult -- perhaps impossible, if you
want to do it "right".

 Paul Prescod

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