Re: VRML Back End

Subject: Re: VRML Back End
From: Dave Love <>
Date: 31 Jul 1997 17:53:35 +0100
>>>>> "Eliot" == W Eliot Kimber <eliot@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

 Eliot> I can create the same effect using the SGML transform back end
 Eliot> (there's a lot of power in that formatting-instruction flow
 Eliot> object),

Indeed.  What it needs is a means to process output to protect
significant characters (characters sequences?) from the formatter.

Is there an obvious problem in at least hacking in a hook to allow a
user-specified function to transform output characters as appropriate
(without overhead when it's identity)?  This may not always be good
enough, but it probably mostly would be, and would be more convenient
than explicitly munging the data in the stylesheet.

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