Re: SGML declaration with Jade

Subject: Re: SGML declaration with Jade
From: James Clark <jjc@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 09 Sep 1997 11:39:55 +0700
Antoine Perier wrote:
> Adding the SGMLDECL line to a catalog, my docbook document can be parsed
> with nsgmls without any error message.
> Using jade1.0 and the db070.dsl style-sheet, I get the error messages I
> would get if I parse the document without making reference to the
> SGMLDECL. Adding the SGMLDECL line in the current directory before
> runing Jade induce more error messages that without the SGMLDECL.
> Is anybody know how to deal with SGML declarations with Jade ?

Probably the easiest solution is to specify the DOCBOOK SGML declaration
on the command line and not in the catalog, ie use

  jade -d db.dsl docbook.sgmldecl book.sgm

The problem is that you need different SGML declarations for the style
sheet and for the document, but specifying SGMLDECL in the catalog file
will make them both use the same SGML declaration.

Another solution is to put the docbook stylesheet in a different
directory with its own catalog file that doesn't specify the docbook
SGML declaration.

Another solution would be to fix the docbook stylesheet so it doesn't
assume OMITTAG YES, which would allow it to work with the same SGML
declaration as docbook.


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