Re: SGML declaration with Jade

Subject: Re: SGML declaration with Jade
From: Paul Grosso <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 1997 12:34:47 -0500
At 11:34 1997 09 09 +0700, James wrote:
>Norman Walsh wrote:
>> > Is anybody know how to deal with SGML declarations with Jade ?
>> Yes, but you have to use DTDDECL and associate the decls with public
>> identifiers.  Jade seems to use SGMLDECL in favor of DTDDECL (if both
>> apply) even if DTDDECL occurs in a catalog earlier in the path.
>SP and Jade do not implement DTDDECL.  It would definitely be useful here.

Are there any plans to implement DTDDECL?  We get a fair number of reports
from people with DTDDECL and SGMLECL lines in their catalog, and they are
having problems because they are unexpectedly picking up the SGMLDECL one
instead of the intended DTDDECL one.  Perhaps SP could issue a warning message
so that users of SP would know why their catalog that works with other tools
is failing with SP.

It seems a lot of people use SP as an authority on how things should work
(which is, in fact, almost always a reasonable assumption) without complete
knowledge of just what it supports. Then, if anything goes wrong, they figure
it must be the fault of their files (created by hand or by another tool) instead
of a current limitation of SP.


p.s.  The final version of TR9401:1997 is being made ready for general
distribution as we speak.  It should be available from
within a week.

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