Subject: Re: XSL and DSSSL-O
From: Jon.Bosak@xxxxxxxxxxx (Jon Bosak)
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 1997 15:42:48 -0700
[Bob DuCharme:]

| XSL seems to serve many of the purposes of DSSSL-O; what does it mean
| for the future of DSSSL-O?

I only read this list in digest form, so I don't know yet what others
may have said about this.

My initial take on XSL is that it accomplishes the purposes of dsssl-o
in a form that many will find easier to learn.  It also promises a
clean division between the declarative and programmatic parts of a
style sheet that should make it much easier to construct user-friendly
style editors.  As the de facto editor of the dsssl-o spec, I can
testify that it is an exercise in pure pragmatism.  If XSL can deliver
on its promise to provide an open standard that implements dsssl-o
functionality and fosters wide commercial deployment, then I for one
will be happy to retire the specification.


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