Re: Attribute String...

Subject: Re: Attribute String...
From: Vivek Agrawala <vivek@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 03 Oct 1997 12:28:39 -0400
> when I print out attribute-string of a certain element using (literal
> (attribute-string "string")), it sometimes displays exactly as in source
> SGML document but sometimes it's in all-uppercase??? Any specific thing
> that I should be aware of here??? Is there any function that could

If the attribute type is CDATA, the case should be preserved.
Perhaps you are using other types of attributes?

This is not really a Jade issue; Jade is probably just using
the string handed to it by the parser.

-- Vivek Agrawala, Ph.D.
Siemens Corporate Research, Inc.	email: vivek@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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