Newbie question: how to reorder descendants (e.g., footnotes)

Subject: Newbie question: how to reorder descendants (e.g., footnotes)
From: aidan@xxxxxxxx (Aidan Killian)
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 1997 21:25:58 +0100

	I am using Jade with the SGML back-end to "render" smallish header
documents as HTML. The resultant HTML document is basically a sequence of

	I have copied snippets of code from various sources (especially this
mailing list) and most of the 'volume' rendering, including reordering of
siblings, is now working. Unfortunately I have no idea how to reorder 
'descendant' (e.g., grandchildren & 2nd cousins) or to gather things like
footnotes and output them at a particular point in the sequence of paragraphs.

	I am sure some of the more complex examples posted do some of this but
I find them somewhat impenetrable and crave a simpler example.

	A fragment of the DTD follows:

<!ELEMENT genhdr - - (artinfo, tig, aug, abs, kwdg, cng, cg*) >

<!ELEMENT artinfo - - (categ, crn, hst) >

<!ELEMENT tig - - (sertl, atl) >

<!ELEMENT (sertl | atl) - - (#pcdata | fn)+ >

	The required output order is and my probles are highlighted.

crn, categ, tig, aug, kwdg, abs, hst, fn*, cng, cg*
                                 ^^^  ^^^

	The following does the bulk of the reordering:
(element genhdr
	(make sequence
		(process-matching-children 'artinfo)
		(process-matching-children 'tig)
		(process-matching-children 'aug)
		(process-matching-children 'kwdg)
		(process-matching-children 'abs)
		(make empty-element gi: "hr")
		(process-matching-children 'cng)
		(process-matching-children 'cg)))

	I guess I want a a (process-matching-descendants 'hst) and an 
(insert footnote-sosofo here) as well as some way of getting the 'fs's
into the footnote-sosofo in the first place.

	I am furiously reading the DSSSL standard (or was that reading the
DSSSL standard furiously) but a relevant snippet of existing code would be
much appreciated (I'm afraid I get lost in comprehensive examples).

P.S. I volunteer to review any chapters of a DSSSL handbook that was 
     mentioned earlier (strictly an untrained eye, you understand).

P.P.S. Would the DSSSL course coming up next week in VA be at the 
       correct level to help me with this sort of problem? I probably
       would benefit from an overview (you ain't kidding) but am not
       likely to be able to spare the time.

Many thanks,
	Aidan Killian

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