Re: tables html dsssl HELP!

Subject: Re: tables html dsssl HELP!
From: Daniel Pitti <dvp4c@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 14:49:16 -0400

This example was very helpful; when I applied the approach to a similar
though slightly more complicated instance, it worked as expected. In the
context to which I am applying this, however, I would like to add spacing
between each row -- there are no borders. How would I do this using your
example below?


At 03:13 PM 10/10/1997 -0400, G. Ken Holman wrote:
>At 11:16 97/10/10 -0700, Billy Mahoney wrote:
>>2x2 table with borders around all the elements. Can anyone
>>help me? Here's what I attempted...
>Your use of the table-row and table-cell flow objects was incorrect, as the
>table-cell objects were not nested as children of the table-row objects;
>you have the table-cell objects as children of the table object.
>You can build a hard-wired table without using child elements by nesting
>flow objects in table-cells in table-rows in tables (the nesting is
>important).  Be aware of inadvertently processing the table element
>children more than once by not correctly watching the implicit use of
>(process-children) ... this is the most common mistake I've seen in class.
>Here is a canned example I have that may help.  This table is 2x2 with
>thick table borders and thin cell borders.  It is data driven through
>nested table elements in the SGML source rather than being hard-wired in my
>DSSSL script using fixed cell contents.
>.......... Ken
>C:\data\KenData\course\PFUD\Develop\exer>type samp3.sgm
><!DOCTYPE t [
>PUBLIC "+//ISBN 1-894049::CSL::Courses::PFUD//DOCUMENT Sample 3 Source//EN"
>Copyright (C) Crane Softwrights Ltd.
><!ELEMENT t - O ( r+ )      -- table  -->
><!ELEMENT r - O ( c+ )      -- row    -->
><!ELEMENT c - O ( #PCDATA ) -- column -->
>C:\data\KenData\course\PFUD\Develop\exer>type samp3.dsl
><!DOCTYPE style-sheet PUBLIC "-//James Clark//DTD DSSSL Style Sheet//EN">
>PUBLIC "+//ISBN 1-894049::CSL::Courses::PFUD//DOCUMENT Sample 3
>Copyright (C) Crane Softwrights Ltd.
>(element t                      ;the processing of the table element
>    (make table
>        table-border:  (make table-border line-thickness: 3pt)
>        (make table-column width: 1in)  ;all columns before any rows
>        (make table-column width: 2in)
>        (process-children)))            ;child elements make row flow objs
>(element r                      ;a row in the table
>    (make table-row
>        (process-children)))    ;child elements make cell flow objects
>(element c                      ;a column in the row
>    (make table-cell
>        cell-before-row-border:    #t
>        cell-before-column-border: #t
>        (process-children)))    ;content of the table cell
>; end of file
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