TOC problem with HTML32 dsssl

Subject: TOC problem with HTML32 dsssl
From: Nigel Hutchison <nwoh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 15:58:38 +0200
Dear All

I am trying to improve the TOC feature of the HTML32.dsl and Jade 

If there is an H1 but no H2 etc you get an empty table of contents. which
looks a bit odd.

I tried changing MAKETOC to detect this but I can't work out whether the
I get back when I call (with-mode toc  (process-node-list (ancestor
"BODY"))) is
"empty " or not. 
I've tried  
	if	xbody (....) (...)                       ; always true :-(
	if	(> (length xbody) 0) (..) (..)   ; not a list :-(

Any ideas ? 

Here the code that doesn't work (Horrible Scheme syntax I know )

(define (MAKETOC)
  (if %toc?%
	(let ((xbody (with-mode toc
		  (process-node-list (ancestor "BODY")))))
;; Conditional expression??
	     (if (> (length xbody) 0)
       			   (make paragraph
	     			font-family-name: %title-font-family%
	     			font-weight: 'bold
	     			font-posture: 'upright
	  		        font-size: (HSIZE 2)
	     			line-spacing: (* (HSIZE 2) %line-spacing-factor%)
	    			space-before: (* (HSIZE 2) %head-before-factor%)
	     			space-after: (* (HSIZE 2) %head-after-factor%)
	     			start-indent: %body-start-indent%
	     			quadding: 'start
	     			keep-with-next?: #t
	     			(literal "Table of Contents"))
 ;     			(with-mode toc (process-node-list (ancestor "BODY")))


Nigel W. O. Hutchison
Technical Consultant
Software AG Germany		                              
Tel +49 (0)6151 92 1207                   

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