: tables html dsssl column widths HELP!

Subject: : tables html dsssl column widths HELP!
From: Nigel Hutchison <nwoh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 18:56:08 +0200
Dear all

Am I doing something real dumb here - if you what?

I 'm trying to control table widths translating 

Here is my HTML...
<COL WIDTH="50">
<COL WIDTH="100">
<COL WIDTH="150">
<COL WIDTH="200">
<TR><TD>50 wide </TD><TD>100 wide</TD><TD>150 wide</TD><TD>200wide</TD></TR>

Here is part of my DSSSL - first a local function
(define (docolumns counter nl)
    (if (node-list-empty? nl)
	(let (( cwidth (attribute-string "WIDTH" (node-list-first nl))))
	      (cons (make table-column
			   width: (if cwidth (cwidth) "50px")
			   column-number: counter)
		      (docolumns (+ counter 1)(node-list-rest nl))
;now the parsing
(mode table-column-mode
	(element COLGROUP
		(docolumns 1 (children (current-node)))

The error I get is "this context requires a sosofo" pointing at "element
COLGROUP (I think)
Does the function "docolums" make a sosofo - or have I got the wrong idea

best regards

Nigel W. O. Hutchison
Technical Consultant
Software AG Germany		                              
Tel +49 (0)6151 92 1207                   

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