Mapping SDATA entities: any workaround

Subject: Mapping SDATA entities: any workaround
From: Aidan Killian <aidan@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 17:36:34 -0800

	I read the earlier thread about SDATA entity handling and
believe that the only way to map SDATA entity replacement text 
using JADE is to change the entity definitions (either directly 
or by changing the catalog to pick up a different version of the 
public entity set).

	I am using the SGML backend to generate HTML and I faced 
with a large directory of GIF images of characters accessed via 
entities of the form:

<!ENTITY abreve SDATA '<IMG BORDER=0 SRC="abreve.gif">'>

	I find these mapped to '?' at the moment.

	These entity sets are outside my direct control (but I can
influence them somewhat). 

	I have tried changing these to CDATA and I then get something
like this:

&#60;IMG BORDER=0 SRC="abreve.gif">'&#62;

	I know I should be using (make element ...) to generate these
elements but how do I capture the entity references or, failing that,
match regular expressions in data content.

Any ideas appreciated,
		Aidan Killian

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