Yet another HTML 4.0 table stylesheet

Subject: Yet another HTML 4.0 table stylesheet
From: Chris Maden <crism@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 12:23:13 -0500
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As always, this won't be available until sometime after midnight EST
(-0500).  The distribution includes two patches to Jade, courtesy of

;; DSSSL stylesheet for HTML 4.0 (97-09-17 draft) tables
;; Created for the W3C XML WG by Christopher R. Maden of O'Reilly and
;;    Associates (crism@xxxxxxxxxxx).
;; The cellpadding attribute needs to be handled by cell contents.
;; The construction rule for P should be deleted when this is included
;;    in the context of a full HTML stylesheet; it is present only to
;;    handle content of sample tables and to give an example of
;;    handling cellpadding.
;; Only tested on LTR content.

Does anyone have any internationalized HTML?  I'm curious to see if
this will work on RTL content.

;; The COL SPAN attribute is handled correctly by Jade, but ignored by
;;    the RTF back-end.

See the test tables included; the .fot has the correct information,
but the RTF behaves as though (table-unit 1) were used.

;; Percentage widths on COLs and COLGROUPs appear to be handled by
;;    Jade, but the RTF back-end produces strange results.

Again, the .fot looks correct (the percentages are turned to points by
the stylesheet, which are again turned back into percentages in the
.fot!), but the RTF comes out very strangely indeed.

;; WIDTH and HEIGHT set directly on table cells is not supported.

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