Jade Headers and Footers

Subject: Jade Headers and Footers
From: christo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Frank Christoph)
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 16:36:02 +0900
Is it possible to get multi-line headers and footers using the current version
of Jade and simple-page-sequence's?

When I try it with the RTF backend, if I put two paragraphs (or even just one,
it seems) in the right header, it gets shifted so that it starts one line
below the left header.  Is this a limitation of the backend or in the way
that Jade handles these things?

I've tried embedding a C/R literal; this doesn't seem to work either.

Incidentally, completely different question, but: is there a way to get at
the total page count for a document so that one can format it in the headers
along with the current page, e.g., "page 1/3" for a 3-page document.  I
wouldn't be surprised to learn this is impossible in DSSSL-O; is it possible
somehow using generated text facilities from the full standard?


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