Consultant needed

Subject: Consultant needed
From: Stan Norton <norton@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 13 Nov 1997 17:42:00 -0500
Comments: Hyperbole mail buttons accepted, v4.01
We are looking for some consulting help in support of a product that
we are building.  We'll need someone to author several dsssl files and
work with us to design and partition our application.  We will be
replacing variables in sgml files with the results of sql queries and
rendering html in real time. We will also want to produce several
rtf or TeX file variants from the same sgml source files.  

Optimally we'd like to find someone local - we are located in northern
Massachusetts- so that you can participate in person in design
sessions, but we are ultimately very flexible about location.

Please send me some mail or feel free to call. 

I apologise if this post is inappropriate but I didn't see a proscription
in the Majordomo subscription response to posting job offers.

Thank you.

Stan Norton 

w:	+1 (978) 465-1113
cell:	+1 (978) 328-0832

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