foreign language characters

Subject: foreign language characters
From: Jim_Albright@xxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 19:40 -0500 (EST)
     In commentary document I have at 6+ languages that I need to 
     display the correct glyphs in-- sample --:
     </foreign>which is, in fact, simply the first word of 1:1
     What do I do to connect 
     to output -- RTF for now and eventually Folios -- to get the 
     correct glyph to show? Right now the aleph is working and I 
     haven't done anything? Everything else comes up with empty square 
     boxes in Word. The font changes correctly.
     I tried, in the DTD:
        <!ENTITY schewa   SDATA "[replacement text for schewa]" >
     and when I run SGMLS it gives output of
        ![replacement text for schewa]!
     but when I try this in JADE
        is ????????, which is, in fact, simply the first word of 1:1
     so clearly the replacement that I set up in the DTD is not 
     In .dsl I have
     (define ($greek-trans$)
       (make sequence
          font-family-name: '"SIL Greek Trans"
     (define ($hebrew-trans$)
       (make sequence
          font-family-name: '"SIL Hebrew Trans"
     (element foreign
             (make sequence
                     font-posture: 'italic
                     (case (STRING-DOWNCASE (attribute-string "lang"))
                             (("heb")    ($hebrew-trans$))
                             (("grk")    ($greek-trans$))
                             (("oth")    ($ezra$))
                             (("uga")    ($ezra$))
                             (("ebl")    ($ezra$))
                             (("akk")    ($ezra$))
                             (("ezra")   ($ezra$)))))
     -- so far I am just trying to get the Hebew and Greek to work -- 
     these are transliterated fonts 
      I have installed 
        SIL Greek Trans 
        SIL Hebrew Trans
     fonts on my machine and they show up okay in character map.   
     I have also looked at
        <map-sdata-entity name="schewa" text="o">o</map-sdata-entity>
     but don't know where to put it.
     BTW the Greek comes out in true Greek -- 
        Greek LXX, â??îå?å
     (the ?s are greek characters that show correctly in Word). 
     But I want to use the tranliterated Greek font. 
     Thanks in advance for all your help.
     Jim Albright

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