Re: DSSSL deserted - XSL Mailing List ?

Subject: Re: DSSSL deserted - XSL Mailing List ?
From: Jon.Bosak@xxxxxxxxxxx (Jon Bosak)
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 14:34:21 -0800
[Tony Graham:]

|  > Is an XSL-dev mailing list existing ?
| Not to my knowledge.  Some time ago, Jon Bosak, chair of the XML
| working group, stated that the place to discuss XSL as on the XML
| special interest group mailing list.  I don't know if an XSL special
| interest group mailing list will be automatically created along with
| the XSL working group.

That's the intention of the people who have proposed the creation of
an XSL WG to the W3C.  But an XSL SIG will probably be restricted to
W3C members and invited experts.

| None of the above lists provides an XSL parallel for the DSSSList.
| The DSSSList's subtitle is "the DSSSL users' mailing list", and its
| stated function is "a forum where users of DSSSL can exchange ideas
| and solutions".  The W3C lists are explicitly not for user-level
| discussion, nor is a developers list likely to be.


| When there is a need for user-level discussion of XSL, I would expect
| that the scope of the DSSSList can include discussion of XSL.  Many
| users of DSSSL, myself included, are also highly interested in XSL,
| just as many of us have been interested in the dsssl-o and XS
| precursors to the current XSL.  The DSSSList even hosted the XS
| discussion earlier this year.

I agree that the DSSSList is the right place for a public discussion
of XSL, and I thank Tony for offering to host that discussion.


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