Re: Graphics figures for dvi/ps and html

Subject: Re: Graphics figures for dvi/ps and html
From: Christian Leutloff <leutloff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 07 Jan 1998 14:08:08 +0100
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"Eve L. Maler" <elm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> The only deprecated method is the first one.  It's much better to store the
> graphic data in a separate file and pull it in.  In order to pull in the
> appropriate-format graphic for the chosen destination, you have to do one
> of the following:
> - Use marked sections for %html; and %texps; destinations
> - Use the Role attribute on your Graphics and double up on instances of
> Graphic so that the processing for each destination suppresses the
> Role="TEXPS" and Role="HTML" graphics, respectively

I'm using Norms modular DocBook stylesheets. Where can I add the
necessary lines of code?

I've tried the following in the sgml source:

<graphic align="center" fileref="f1b-2.eps" role="TEXPS"></graphic>
<graphic align="center" fileref="f1b-2.gif" role="RTF"></graphic>

But the result was the inclusion of both into the result file.

Another question is how can I use something like the LaTeX \label \ref
commands? Instead of the \label I use an ID at the appropriate object,

<figure id="f1b-2" float="1">
<graphic align="center" fileref="f1b-2.eps"></graphic>

but how can I reference the number of the figure!? <xref
linkend="f1b-2" endterm="f1b-2"> is replaced by the title. What can I


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