Re: Title Page with a Table

Subject: Re: Title Page with a Table
From: Norman Walsh <norm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 15:53:28 -0500
/ Chuck Darney <cdarney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> was heard to say:
| I created a small SGM table and used Jade to produce and RTF using a
| modifed version the the DOCBOOK DSL.  The table doesn't appear as it was
What did you change?  Did you mean DTD?

| supposed to.  Text I specified as centered isn't, row heights aren't
| used.  I end up with a table having 6 single line rows. Text entities
| are properly handled.
| I have made no changes to the DSL with regard to table so I assume it

There are a few things to note in here. 

 - The centered things are centered for me in the RTF backend, so
   I don't know exactly what to say about that.

 - Row heights are specified with a PI in your sample and the DocBook table
   code doesn't support the PIs.  

   Now, given I'll bet dollars to donuts I know what tool you edited this
   table with, I'm inclined to think that I ought to support the PubTbl
   PIs ;-)[*].  However, I don't see how I can in DSSSL.
   Anyone have any suggestions?  The only characteristics that I see are
   table-cell-before-row-margin and table-cell-after-row-margin, but w/o
   knowing how big the cell content is, I don't see how I can use that.

 - Your sample demonstrated a bug in DocBook 1.06 wrt handling PIs in ROWS.
   When did I release that?  Hmm, let me count the minutes.  Sigh.  1.07 
   tomorrow, I guess.

| the SGM fragment being used
| <table frame="all">
| <tgroup cols="1" colsep="1" rowsep="1">

That's not a valid DocBook table, BTW.  The Title is missing.  It either
has to be an InformalTable or it needs a Title.

| will work properly.  Am I missing something? (obviously!)  Perhaps
| someone has an example of a title page using fixed positioning?

I would add markup to the book biblio and arrange to have the following
construction rules fire:

(make paragraph 
  space-before: 1in 
  align: 'center

(make paragraph 
  space-before: 0.5in 
  align: 'center

(make paragraph 
  space-before: 0.5in 
  align: 'center

(make paragraph 
  space-before: 6in
  align: 'center
  (literal " "))

(make paragraph 
  space-before: 0.5in
  align: 'left
  >>This proposal...<<)

(make paragraph 
  space-before: 0.5in
  align: 'left

Where I've left >>foo<< in the places where you need to arrange
to process the right content.

Check out the stuff in the print stylesheet that handles a 

Good luck!

[*] I'll use my full sig this time, for those who may not have
seen the humor....

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