Re: Title Page with a Table

Subject: Re: Title Page with a Table
From: Richard Light <richard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 07:55:14 +0000
In message <34EC87E2.CD4531CC@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Chuck Darney
<cdarney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes
>I'm still trying to devfelop a title page.  At trhe suggestion of
>Lassi.Turra@xxxxxxx, I'm using a table to handle proper positioning.  I
>hadn't even considered that, but it seemed such a simple and logical
>choice for positioning the fixed information properly.

I tackled this task directly within simple-page-sequence.  One trick I
used was to output text in _white_, to force Word to take notice of my
spacing directives for the image that is the first thing to appear on
the page:

(mode title-page
   (default (empty-sosofo))
   (element (doc title)
      (make sequence
          (make paragraph
                space-before: 30mm
                space-after: 30mm
                color: *white* ;!! to print 'invisible' text so that a
para mark will appear!
                (make external-graphic
                      entity-system-id: "logo/mylogo.eps"
                      display?: #t
                      display-alignment: 'start
                      space-before: 10mm
                      space-after: 10mm
                (literal " XXX") ;!! this is invisible, because it's
          (make paragraph
                font-family-name: *titlefont*
                font-weight: 'bold
                font-size: 30pt
                line-spacing: 35pt
                quadding: 'center
                space-before: 50pt
          (grey-rule 10pt)

Word has a (reasonable) tendency to ignore spacing instructions if it
can't find any text to apply them to.

More generally (but less helpfully!), it seems to me that this is the
sort of thing which the 'proper' page-sequence flow object, with its
page-region-specifications, will do beautifully once there is software
to support it.

Richard Light.

Richard Light
SGML/XML and Museum Information Consultancy

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