RE: DSSSL Documentation Project

Subject: RE: DSSSL Documentation Project
From: "Frank A. Christoph" <christo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 00:30:28 +0900
>I always consciously know whether a post is appropriate for the list or
>for an individual, and set up my headers appropriately (except when I am
>in a big hurry and don't think things through). I don't think that
>changing the technology would make a big difference to the primarily
>*social* principle of sharing instead of hoarding information. Anyhow,
>the call is yours. Here's a reference that may or may not help you to

I just looked at this page and agree with what is written there.  Frankly, I
have mostly found the Reply-To header to be rather a convenient feature till
now, but I regret to say that I am (was, now) one of the "brain-dead" users
mentioned there---the ones that didn't know they had a "group-reply" button
on their mailer.  (I would like to blame Microsoft Outlook for that fact,
because I despise Windows, but for some reason the group reply button has
been staring me in the face from the top button panel for months now and I
haven't noticed it.  Maybe it's because it's written in Japanese... ;)

Like Paul, I think that I always consciously decide whether I want to send a
reply to the list or privately and the logic that Reply-To increases list
traffic strikes me as vaguely Orwellian ("All replies are private, but some
replies are more private than others"? :), so I move that we stop munging
the Reply-To header as suggested.
I am not going to go jump off a cliff if it doesn't get done, but I think it
is a wise thing to do.

Besides, if only half of the comments and questions that I suspect James
Clark and Norman Walsh must get everyday about Jade and the DocBook style
sheet arrives at the list, it will be more than I can read...!  Frankly,
there are so many novice questions about DSSSL and Scheme hitting the list
every day now that I am starting to do mass deletions.  All the more reason
to resurrect---I mean, finish---the DD project... (Don't look at _me_. :)


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