RE: DSSSL Documentation Project

Subject: RE: DSSSL Documentation Project
From: "Reynolds, Gregg" <greynolds@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 14:38:10 -0600
	Bill Raynor said: 

	> I've left out a great deal of the tail chasing and pounding
the head 
	> on the floor steps. 
	> Some useful lisp/scheme references would be also helpful (less
	> than the Sussman wizard book) I've found the following

	I also found The Little Schemer quite useful in spite of its
unbearable cuteness.  You might
	try "The Schematics of Computation", by ????.

	Typesetting/Layout etc:
	Something else newcomers might find useful is the FOSI
documentation.  Of course
	FOSI per se won't do you any good in DSSSLville, but much of the
language related to 
	page layout, typesetting, etc is the same or similar, and the
FOSI handbook and reference 
	has much more explanatory material than the DSSSL spec does.
Contains a good general
	discussion of how floats should be handled, for example.  I
suspect some of the language
	of the DSSSL spec would be easier to take for somebody familiar
with FOSI concepts.

	Groves/Property Sets:
	Section 4 of Appendix A of the Hytime spec might be of some use
in understanding property sets and groves.
	I think there is some narrative coverage of them in the intro as
The complete standard is at, and has some good stuff.

	Go to and get
"MIL-PRF-28001C; 2 May 1997" (the
	FOSI reference, which is an appendix to the CALS standard), and 
	"MIL-HDBK-28001; 30 June 1995" (the handbook).  Both are in PDF.

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