RE: DSSSL Documentation Project

Subject: RE: DSSSL Documentation Project
From: "Frank A. Christoph" <christo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 02:16:19 +0900
Of course this is the right place to ask questions about DSSSL. (And BTW I
never used the term "outsiders").  But maybe we should take a hint from
Usenet and, in the interim while the documentation project is largely
unfinished, publish an FAQ.  For example, I think somebody asks a question
every other week which would be solved if they were informed that
attribute-string returns #f when the attribute is implicit (or something
like that); another common misunderstanding seems to be the difference
between "(proc)" and "proc" where proc is a procedure name.  These are RTFM
questions, but they occur often and are exactly the sort of thing that
appears in FAQs.  Of course, nobody ever reads FAQs so maybe they will just
become RTFFAQ questions...

>> Frankly,
>> there are so many novice questions about DSSSL and Scheme hitting the
>> list
>> every day now that I am starting to do mass deletions.  All the more
>> reason
>> to resurrect---I mean, finish---the DD project... (Don't look at _me_.
>> :)
> [Pawson, David]  Does this mean that the adoption rate for DSSSL
> increasing? Paul P made an apt comment on the docbook list when
> recently became very busy with 'outsiders' asking questions. If
> wasn't so good, it wouldn't be adopted!
> The adoption of DSSSL as a tool in common use could be measured
> the uptake by previously non-SGML users, because it does a job
> that is needed by many.


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