Subject: Re: TOC
From: "G. Ken Holman" <gkholman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 04 Jun 1998 21:45:55 -0400
At 15:49 98/06/04 -0500, Craig Booher wrote:
>For example, in trying to convert an SGML document to HTML I want to create
>a table of contents at the top of the document (with href links into the
>document).  I have had no success in pulling out descendent information.

If you have the time to pull down my shareware Presentation Application
from our website, the enclosed DSSSL scripts do tables of content in both
RTF and HTML for a set of frames in a slide show.  The principles embodied
in these scripts extract required descendent information as you have asked

Getting the DSSSL sources is a two-step process ... first download the
example presentation from the URL in my trailer below and determine if that
is the kind of thing you want to do with tables of content (I suspect it
is).  The second step is to request the password to unpack the source files
that implement the example.

As with all shareware, there is no binding obligation to register your copy
of the sources ... doing so just promotes more of the same sharing
activity.  Everyone is welcome to ask for the enclosed DSSSL scripts if the
example is what they are looking to accomplish.  The scripts are not
crippled in any way and are what I have used for 13 months now delivering
my training course and presentation materials.

In the Presentation Application's HTML rendering, slides are linked by
arrow buttons: left for previous, right for next, and up for the TOC.  In
the DSSSL script for HTML transformation I traverse the data three times:
once to produce the slides, a second time to produce the table of contents
(with href links as you've requested), and a third time to produce a table
of external links.  This third table is handy, because I can walk through
the table before delivering a training course and confirm all of the URLs
used in the presentation are valid, without having to hunt them down in the
individual slides.

I hope they help.

............ Ken

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