Ventura 4.XX and MIF back-ends

Subject: Ventura 4.XX and MIF back-ends
From: "DELAHAY F. ESO/DAI" <delahayf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998 18:03:00 +0200
Hello everybody,

I need to format SGML documents in Corel Ventura 4.XX, MIF and RTF,
using a style sheet.
I think that DSSSL/Jade could be a good solution.

The SGML documents are composed of strutured text (sections, titles,
paragraphs) and HTML 3.2 tables only (no images, refs, maths or other
special things).

I've read before in the list that a MIF backend for Jade is under
Is possible to know the state of this backend today?

Is there also a Ventura  backend under developpment somewhere?

Is there an other  solution to generate Ventura 4.XX using DSSSL/Jade,
like for example an intermediate format (RTF or Tex ...) and a converter
from this format to Ventura 4  (maybe Ventura 4 itself or another) ?



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