RE: fences (variable size math symbols)

Subject: RE: fences (variable size math symbols)
From: Sebastian Rahtz <s.rahtz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 1998 16:52:42 +0100
 > Free code, I mean.  Actually its been a while since I've looked at
 > jadetex so I'm not sure how much of DSSSL it covers, so I'm assuming it
 > sticks pretty much to the simple-page-sequence stuff.  I don't know

JadeTeX implements what Jade produces. If Jade produces complex page
sequences, JadeTeX (might/will) follow :-}

 > crossreferences, etc., but I suspect it would be pretty tough to do
cross-refs are all in place already. they are even hyperlinks if you
choose pdf output

 > understand "jadetex strategy" to mean a more or less direct mapping of
 > DSSSL specs to tex macro names, so the typesetting logic goes into the
 > macros rather than into the DSSSL backend.  Close?)

The strategy has already fallen off the rails. To support tables, it
has been necessary to do more processing in Jade itself (these patches
will be released soon,  still in a state of some flux, though
`normal' tables work). Certainly, complex page sequences simply
spurted out with a \ in front of the name will be almost impossible to
program in TeX.

My workplace is all about scientific articles; and I claim that we do
not actually need complex page sequences for this, if you use the
small non-standard flobs I added to jade's TeX backend. I need only
one more, to provide a way of doing numbered equations, and I for one
will rest happy.

Since XML is always held up as the great success story of XML, it
behoves the XSL people to consider David's questions very closely when
they write the XSL spec. If XSL's math flobs cannot handle MathML,
then this cosy world is falling apart even before its started.....


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