jade rtf style problem

Subject: jade rtf style problem
From: "Thomas G. Lockhart" <lockhart@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998 16:02:52 +0000
I've been using jade and Norm's style sheets to write and publish
documentation for the Postgres database project. I use sgml->rtf->ps to
generate hardcopy (reasons are included at the end of this message :).

These documents are from 50-200 pages each. For whatever reason, Applix
(and Word, as I recall) does not manage to tag the page numbers in the
ToC quite right, so I need to fix them. The choices are to type the page
numbers in by hand (which is what I have to do) or to regenerate the ToC
(which is what I would like to do). However, the chapter/section
headings are marked with styles, but there does not seem to be a
transition to some sort of "normal" style for the non-header text. So,
both Word and Applix can't tell what is _not_ a header and generates ToC
info for every paragraph.

Here is a snippet of the rtf output:

<snip a little stuff>

{\colortbl;}{\stylesheet{\s1 Heading 1;}{\s2 Heading 2;}{\s3 Heading
3;}{\s4 Heading 4;}{\s5 Heading 5;}{\s6 Heading 6;}{\s7 Heading
 7;}{\s8 Heading 8;}{\s9 Heading 9;}}

<snip much stuff to just before beginning of chapter 5>

    GROUP BY city;
\sb770\sa430\plain\tqc\tx4680\tqr\tx9360\tab \tab
\tqr\tx9360\tab \tab \i\fs20 \chpgn
\tab \tab \i\fs20 Chapter 5. Advanced Postgres SQL Features\par}
\tab \tab \i\fs20 \chpgn
\tab \tab \i\fs20 Chapter 5. Advanced Postgres SQL Features\par}
\tab \tab \i\fs20 \chpgn \par}\pard\sb311\s1\sl-456 
{\*\bkmkstart ID_ADVANCED}{\*\bkmkend ID_ADVANCED}
\b\fs41\f1 Chapter 5. Advanced Postgres SQL Features\keepn\hyphpar0\par
\pard\sb207\li960\sl-220 \b0\fs20\f0
  Having covered the basics of...

<snip the rest of the rtf>

The most obvious symptom is that when you import the rtf into Word or
Applix and click on a header it shows a reasonable style for that text
(say, "Heading1"), but shows the same style (rather than, say, "Normal")
when you click on the following paragraph.

So, I'm not very familiar with rtf, but istm that styles or stylesheets
are defined for headers, but there isn't something defined for paragraph
content and there are no style transitions to paragraph text in the rtf.
And programs like Word or Applix/Words need that style distinction to
know how to do a proper ToC.

Any suggestions on where to look? Do other people see this? I'm a little
worried that James Clark is ready to do "the only release for a long
time" and that I'll be hand-typing page numbers 'til I'm old and grey...


                    - Tom

Why I use sgml->rtf->ps:
This path allows me to make (minor) page break cleanups and to fix up
graphics. I don't use the tex option because tables used to be broken,
tex barfs on the size of my docs and I don't want to have to figure out
how to rebuild it with bigger limits, and I can't (easily) make cleanup

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