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Subject: Re: jadetex/entities/unicode
From: Sebastian Rahtz <s.rahtz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 23:17:27 +0100 ( `)
James Clark writes:
 > Jade currently has an internal mapping between SGML SDATA entity names
 > and Unicode (in style/sdata.h).  How does this relate? Is it in sync? I
sadly not. I am now trying to resolve the differences and will report
back to you directly.

 > would guess there are mappings from SDATA entity names to TeX (in the
 > AFII registry I think)?
you'd think so, wouldn't you? I have not found such a mapping,
however (apart from the Norwegian effort which stimulated me to merge
what I had with their work). remember also that "TeX" does not
necessarily mean anything - people can choose different names for the
same characters.  sigh. and also remember that there has been a lot of
work done in the font area in the last couple of years - we now have
new standard names for things like the degree sign.

 >  There are definitely some cases where's there's
 > room for choice, and I think we need to make sure the backends behave
 > consistently (or maybe leverage glyph-id characteristic).  Maybe the TeX
 > backend could recognize a glyph-id with public identifier something like
 > "UNREGISTERED::TeX Users Group//Glyph Id::xyzzy" as mapping onto a
 > character \xyzzy in TeX?
I'd be happy to do any necessary work to make that happen. remembering
of course that some entities may expand to a *sequence* of TeX

but i have not yet read about glyph-id stuff. can you expand on your
example and show how it would work in practice?


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