Re: element content

Subject: Re: element content
From: Daniel Speck <dspeck@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1998 11:19:13 -0500

Josi Carlos Ramalho wrote:

> Forgive for my silly question but I am going around in circles.
> I want the following:
> ...
>    (let* (target ???))
> ...
> I want ??? to be the current element content in string format so I can
> use in an expression like:
>         ... (literal target) ...
> I am sure there is a simple answer...

There is:

(let ((target (data (current-node)))
    (literal target))

Note that (data (current-node)) will return the concatenated data contents of
all the descendants of the current node (which is probably what you want).


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