element content

Subject: element content
From: "Jos\i Carlos Ramalho" <jcr@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1998 15:01:03 +0000
Forgive for my silly question but I am going around in circles.
I want the following:
   (let* (target ???))
I want ??? to be the current element content in string format so I can
use in an expression like:

	... (literal target) ...

I am sure there is a simple answer...

begin:          vcard
fn:             José Carlos Ramalho
n:              ;José Carlos Ramalho
org:            Dep. Informática - Universidade do Minho
email;internet: jcr@xxxxxxxxxxxx
note:           =-- windsurfer  diver orienteer engineer --=
x-mozilla-cpt:  ;0
x-mozilla-html: FALSE
version:        2.1
end:            vcard

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