Distribution permissions for DSSSL spec?

Subject: Distribution permissions for DSSSL spec?
From: Jon.Bosak@xxxxxxxxxxx (Jon Bosak)
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 19:36:59 -0800
[Norm Walsh:]

| Over the weekend, I banged out a script to make an HTML version
| of the DSSSL spec (reading the Dynatext version on my 800x600
| laptop is nearly unbearable).

Hmph.  It's always worked for me.  ;-)

Seriously, have you tried using the menu button that bumps the type up
larger?  If you lose the TOC, it's pretty readable even at VGA

| But can I distribute these versions?  The sources are up on the
| web, and the dynatext version is up on the web, and several
| derived works are available, but...does anyone know?

The DynaText version is not identical to the one published by ISO.
It's the very very last committee draft and differs from the published
version (if I remember correctly) by three commas.  I can't recall
whether it has three commas more or three commas less than the ISO
version, but I do remember that they don't change the meaning of


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